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Health and Safety Consulting Services

At DeRisk NZ, we offer comprehensive consulting services to help businesses improve their health and safety practices. Our focus is on providing practical advice and custom solutions that make sense for your organisation. We believe that health and safety should not be complicated, which is why we take a risk-based approach to deliver tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. By working with us, you can ensure a safer workplace and foster a culture of well-being and good practice.

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How We Support You

Our consulting services encompass a range of support offerings designed to meet your unique requirements. Whether you need in-house support for a few hours per month, manager and advisory resourcing, or temporary cover while you recruit, we’ve got you covered. We specialise in developing and delivering appropriate health and safety strategies, safety management systems, and other tools to support your workforce in working safely and understanding your management system. Additionally, we provide tailored training, mentoring, and coaching services to enhance health, safety, and well-being knowledge, skill, and capability within your organisation.

In-House Support

Our team can provide dedicated in-house support to assist you in implementing effective health and safety practices. Whether you need ongoing support or fixed-term cover, we offer flexible solutions to meet your specific needs.

Manager and Advisory Resourcing

When you require additional expertise to manage health and safety, we can provide experienced professionals who can serve as managers or advisors on a temporary or ongoing basis.

Cover while You Recruit

If you are in the process of recruiting health and safety personnel, we can provide interim cover to ensure continuity and support during the transition period.


Development of Health and Safety Strategy

We help you develop and deliver a comprehensive health and safety strategy that aligns with your organisation’s goals and ensures a systematic approach to managing risks and improving safety performance.


Tailored Training, Mentoring, and Coaching

We offer customised training programs, mentoring, and coaching services to build the health, safety, and well-being knowledge, skills, and capabilities of your employees at all levels.

How We Advise

As experienced consultants, we offer expert advice on various aspects of health and safety. We can guide you on governance and due diligence requirements, assisting in the development and implementation of robust health and safety frameworks and systems. Whether you require support for short-term, long-term, or urgent projects, our advisory services provide you with the insights and expertise needed to navigate complex health and safety challenges effectively.

Governance and Due Diligence

We provide guidance on governance and due diligence requirements, helping you establish effective assurance systems and processes to meet your legal obligations and ensure the well-being of your workforce.


Health and Safety Frameworks and Systems

Our experts can assist you in developing and implementing comprehensive health and safety frameworks and systems that align with industry best practices and regulatory standards.


Short-Term, Long-Term, or Urgent Projects

Whether you need support for a specific project, a long-term engagement, or urgent assistance, we have the knowledge and experience to provide practical advice and solutions tailored to your requirements.

How We Investigate

In the unfortunate event of an incident or near-miss, we can conduct thorough investigations to determine why it occurred and provide recommendations to prevent similar incidents in the future. Our investigative services help you identify the root causes, analyse contributing factors, and implement corrective measures that enhance workplace safety.

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Assurance Support

DeRisk NZ offers comprehensive assurance support to validate and enhance your health and safety practices. We conduct SafePlus Assessments, Health and Safety reviews, and audits to assess your performance against industry best practices and regulatory requirements. Additionally, we provide expertise in leveraging SaferMe, a cutting-edge safety software solution that helps you engage your team, track corrective actions, and monitor the psychological and social factors impacting your workforce.

  • SafePlus Assessments
  • Health and Safety Reviews
  • Health and Safety Audits

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“I got Derek in to update our H&S management system. He was honest and did a great job. Highly recommend.”

Station Manager – Whareroa Station

Mark Bowsher

“Very knowledgeable and willing to put the effort in upfront to understand our situation. Tailored things to fit our business requirements without creating a pile of confusing admin for us”

Owner – That Dingo Guy, Palmerston North

Spencer Christiansen

“Helped us understand what we needed to have in place to meet our legal obligations, and provided some cost-effective solutions that he helped us implement”

Director – Silver Fin Sports

Gerald Lee

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Leverage DeRisk NZ’s 25 years of cross-sector experience to optimise your health and safety management system. Our HASANZ registered professionals deliver bespoke consultancy and training solutions across New Zealand. We simplify health and safety through practical advice, in-house support, health and safety strategy development, audits, and SafePlus Assessments. Our specialities encompass Technical Health and Safety Services, Governance & Leadership, Contractor Safety, and software solutions. Contact DeRisk NZ today, your partner for a safer workplace.