Contractor Health and Safety

Contractor Health and Safety Services

At DeRisk NZ, we understand the unique safety challenges faced by businesses engaging contractors, as a contractor or sole trader in the workplace. Our Contractor Health and Safety Services are designed to help you navigate the complexities of health and safety compliance and ensure the well-being of your business and its workers.

If you’re a contractor and have to complete “pre-qualification” for a job you’re doing or work you’re looking at, we are able to turn this into a straightforward, repeatable process for you.

We are experienced in helping all sized contractors from one-person businesses to those with large numbers of workers, with a range of different pre-qualification systems, including Totika, SHE Pre-Qual, Avetta Pre-Qual, IMPAC Pre-Qual, and Qualify365.

Streamlined Pre-Qualification Process

If you’re a contractor required to complete pre-qualification for a job or project, our experienced team can simplify and streamline this process for you. We have worked with contractors of all sizes, ranging from one-person businesses to those with large numbers of workers.

Our expertise extends to various pre-qualification systems, including Totika, SHE Pre-Qual, Avetta Pre-Qual, IMPAC Pre-Qual, and Qualify365. We can assist you in meeting your pre-qualification requirements and provide ongoing support and coaching to help you maintain compliance in the future.

Effective Overlapping Duties / Contractor Management Framework

When engaging contractors, it’s crucial to identify and manage the overlapping duties and responsibilities between your business and others. At DeRisk NZ, we can assist in developing customised Overlapping Duties / Contractor Management frameworks that align with your specific needs.

Our comprehensive approach ensures that processes are strategically designed to support your obligations to consult, co-operate and co-ordinate with other businesses and contractor’s you maybe working with, to support your business requirements.

How We Can Help:

Assist with pre-qualification requirements, such as completing necessary documentation and assessments.

Provide guidance on maintaining pre-qualification compliance and staying up-to-date with changing regulations.

Develop an Overlapping Duties / Contractor Management framework tailored to your business, ensuring efficient safety practices and risk mitigation.

Identify and support overlapping duties / contractor management responsibilities with other businesses to establish clear expectations and accountability.

Continuously monitor and assess contractors’ performance to ensure ongoing safety compliance and adherence to your standards.

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At DeRisk NZ, we prioritise the safety and well-being of your organisation and employees. Our Contractor Safety Services are aimed at empowering contractors and sole traders to operate in a safe and compliant manner, fostering a culture of safety excellence and for businesses to have practical, cost-effective contractor management systems in place.

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“I got Derek in to update our H&S management system. He was honest and did a great job. Highly recommend.”

Station Manager – Whareroa Station

Mark Bowsher

“Very knowledgeable and willing to put the effort in upfront to understand our situation. Tailored things to fit our business requirements without creating a pile of confusing admin for us”

Owner – That Dingo Guy, Palmerston North

Spencer Christiansen

“Helped us understand what we needed to have in place to meet our legal obligations, and provided some cost-effective solutions that he helped us implement”

Director – Silver Fin Sports

Gerald Lee

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