Monitoring & Assurance

Supporting Governance Requirements: Effective Monitoring and Assurance Processes

At DeRisk NZ, we are dedicated to helping businesses support their assurance requirements through our expert consultancy services. Our experienced professionals can support the delivery of  monitoring and assurance processes to help ensure every aspect of your workplace health and safety management system works effectively.

With our comprehensive reviews, audits, assessments and practical strategies, we empower organisations across New Zealand to enhance their monitoring and assurance practices.

The Importance of Assurance in Health and Safety Management

Assurance is crucial for any organisation seeking to maintain health and safety standards. It provides an additional layer of confidence that the systems and processes put in place are working effectively. At DeRisk NZ, we specialise in assurance processes including reviews, audits, and SafePlus assessments.

These monitoring and assurance tools play a pivotal role in supporting due diligence requirements. They help organisations identify gaps in their health and safety management system and highlight any potential risks. By partnering with DeRisk NZ, you gain access to our decades of industry experience, ensuring your safety systems not only meet the requirements of regulations but also foster a proactive culture of safety.

Monitoring & Assurance services we offer include SafePlus Assessments, which provide an onsite evaluation of your health and safety performance and give tailored recommendations for improvement. Health and Safety Reviews help evaluate if your safety management system is fit for purpose and aligns with best practices. Lastly, our Health and Safety Audits provide the confidence that your safety management system is performing as intended. Invest in your organisation’s health and safety, and safeguard your reputation by ensuring your health and safety management system’s effectiveness with DeRisk NZ.

Take the First Step Towards a Safer Future

Ready to prioritise health and safety in your workplace? Contact DeRisk NZ today for a free consultation and assessment. Our team of health and safety experts will provide valuable insights tailored to your organisation’s unique needs. Whether you require assistance with Health and Safety Management Systems, SafePlus Assessments, Health and Safety Reviews, or Health and Safety Audits, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Take action now to protect your employees and foster the development of your safety culture.

SafePlus Assessment: Elevating Your Safety Performance

As an accredited SafePlus assessor, DeRisk NZ offers comprehensive assessments to help you enhance your safety performance. SafePlus is a  recognized health and safety performance improvement toolkit developed by  WorkSafe, ACC, and MBIE. Our experts will conduct an onsite assessment of your health and safety practices against good practice performance  requirements. Based on the results, we will provide you with tailored recommendations to strengthen your safety systems and achieve continuous improvement.

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Health and Safety Reviews: Evaluating Your Safety Management System

DeRisk NZ conducts thorough Health and Safety Reviews to assess the effectiveness of your safety management system. Our experts analyse various aspects, including policies, procedures, training, hazard identification, overlapping duties, incident reporting, and risk management. By evaluating your system’s alignment with best practices, we identify opportunities for improvement and ensure that your safety management system is robust and representative of industry standards.

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Health and Safety Audits: Ensuring Compliance and Effectiveness

Our comprehensive Health and Safety Audits provide assurance that your safety management system is performing as intended. Through meticulous evaluation, we determine whether your system is effectively implemented and functioning in line with its purpose. By identifying any gaps or areas for improvement, we help you maintain compliance, minimise risks, and create a safer work environment.

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Discover SaferMe: Revolutionise Your Safety Practices

DeRisk NZ proudly partners with SaferMe, a leading safety software solution. SaferMe empowers businesses to engage their teams, facilitate real-time updates, and streamline safety management processes. With features such as digital risk registers, corrective action tracking, psychological and social impact monitoring, contact tracing, and training record management, SaferMe revolutionizes the way organisations manage safety. Learn more about how SaferMe can transform your safety practices by visiting their website.

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Station Manager – Whareroa Station

Mark Bowsher

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Owner – That Dingo Guy, Palmerston North

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“Helped us understand what we needed to have in place to meet our legal obligations, and provided some cost-effective solutions that he helped us implement”

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