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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. Here, we’ve compiled a list of common queries about DeRisk NZ and our services. This section covers a broad range of topics, from our approach to health and safety, the services we offer, to how we work with businesses across various industries. Our aim is to provide you with quick and easy access to the information you need.

If you have a question that isn’t addressed here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

DeRisk NZ is a professional health and safety consultancy that offers tailored solutions based on professional knowledge and practical experience. Our team has over 25 years of experience spanning multiple sectors and industries, and we are registered with the New Zealand Institute of Safety Management (NZISM) and the Health and Safety Association of New Zealand (HASANZ).

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We offer a range of health and safety consultancy and training solutions, including in-house support, advisory resourcing, health and safety strategy development, tailored training, mentoring, and coaching. We also provide advice on governance and due diligence requirements, health and safety frameworks and systems, and project management. Additionally, we conduct investigations and support assurance requirements with SafePlus Assessments, Health and Safety reviews, and audits.

DeRisk NZ brings substantial experience across a diverse range of New Zealand industries including Retail, Engineering, Shipping, Agriculture, Hospitality, Construction, Education, Healthcare, Information Technology, Manufacturing, and Tourism. Our services extend to various business sizes and types, from small family-owned businesses and startups to larger corporations and public service entities. Regardless of the industry, our mission remains steadfast: to enable businesses to effectively manage health and safety, fostering a culture of proactive safety management, and ensuring sustainable success.

At DeRisk NZ, we believe health and safety doesn’t have to be complicated. We apply a risk-based approach, providing practical advice and solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. We focus on systems-based solutions to achieve practical health and safety outcomes.

When things go wrong, we can provide fast assistance. Whether it’s dealing with WorkSafe, improvement notices, supporting your internal investigation and legal team, or undertaking an independent investigation for you, we are here to help.

SaferMe is a next generation predictive safety system that is able to provide psychosocial assessments (Safety Snap), online forms, real-time hazard information, customisable workflows, fatigue management, speedy site safety inductions, and contact tracing. As an approved partner with SaferMe, DeRisk NZ can help you use this toolkit to help reduce work-related injuries and manage risk.

We can help contractors complete “pre-qualification” for jobs and turn this into a straightforward, repeatable process. We can also help businesses identify and manage overlapping duties and responsibilities with other businesses, and develop a Contractor Management framework that suits your business.

DeRisk NZ operates across New Zealand, helping businesses  Primarily in Taupō, Waikato, Auckland, Wellington, Manawatu, Bay of Plenty and Hawkes Bay.

We can assist with the development of your return-to-work process and provide advice on ACC and return-to-work injury management.

We believe in ongoing support for our clients. We won’t just sell you a system of work or software and leave you to it. Your success matters to us, and we are able to offer ongoing support if you require any.

Our process begins with understanding your business and its specific needs. We then provide tailored, practical advice and solutions that make sense for your business. Our support can range from a few hours per month to full-term cover, depending on your needs.

We provide tailored training, mentoring, and coaching services to build health, safety, and well-being knowledge, skill, and capability. Our training is based on professional knowledge and practical experience, ensuring it is relevant and effective.

We assist businesses in the development and implementation of Risk Management frameworks. By focusing on the enterprise or critical risks and controls, we help create a manageable programme of work that not only keeps people safe but also demonstrates to key stakeholders that you are aware of, and are managing, the critical safety issues.

We can advise on governance and due diligence requirements, assist in the development of governance frameworks and due diligence work programmes, and create due diligence reporting frameworks. We also conduct independent specialist health and safety assurance reviews and offer SafePlus assessments.

By using our services, businesses can effectively manage health and safety, reduce work-related injuries, illness, and fatalities, and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations. Our tailored, practical solutions can help improve your business’s health and safety performance and contribute to a safer, healthier work environment.

We believe in the importance of worker engagement in health and safety. We assist businesses in designing worker engagement practices and provide coaching for staff and committees. We can also leverage advanced reporting, commenting, and sharing features of SaferMe to engage your team, no matter where they are located.

We can help businesses identify and manage the overlapping duties and responsibilities they have with other businesses. We can develop a Contractor Management framework that suits your business, ensuring your pre-qualification, engagement, monitoring, and assurance processes are targeting critical risks and continually assessing the Contractor’s capability to meet your business’s expectations and legal requirements.

In the event of an urgent health and safety issue, we can provide immediate support and advice. Whether it’s dealing with WorkSafe, improvement notices, or supporting your internal investigation and legal team, we are here to help.

What sets us apart is our commitment to providing practical, tailored solutions that are based on professional knowledge and practical experience. We don’t believe in ‘off-the-shelf’ products; instead, we work closely with each business to understand their specific needs and provide solutions that make sense for them.

You can reach us through our contact form on our website, or by calling our office directly. We’re always here to answer any questions you may have about our services.

Alternatively email info@derisknz.com

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“I got Derek in to update our H&S management system. He was honest and did a great job. Highly recommend.”

Station Manager – Whareroa Station

Mark Bowsher

“Very knowledgeable and willing to put the effort in upfront to understand our situation. Tailored things to fit our business requirements without creating a pile of confusing admin for us”

Owner – That Dingo Guy, Palmerston North

Spencer Christiansen

“Helped us understand what we needed to have in place to meet our legal obligations, and provided some cost-effective solutions that he helped us implement”

Director – Silver Fin Sports

Gerald Lee

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Leverage DeRisk NZ’s 25 years of cross-sector experience to optimise your health and safety management system. Our HASANZ registered professionals deliver bespoke consultancy and training solutions across New Zealand. We simplify health and safety through practical advice, in-house support, health and safety strategy development, audits, and SafePlus Assessments. Our specialities encompass Technical Health and Safety Services, Governance & Leadership, Contractor Safety, and software solutions. Contact DeRisk NZ today, your partner for a safer workplace.